Baixamemoria, Cronosplays and Spok are best buddies who've always dreamed of living their favorite gaming adventures in the real world. That day has come! To help Ana, they need to find a lost treasure. They will need to decrypt the "Code of the 20". But Professor Wither is also after the treasure, and he won't hesitate to complicate their mission. But with AuthenticGames' help, the gang will get closer to the treasure.

A Familia Craft e o Código da 20

Baixamemoria, Cronosplays and Spok are best buddies who live very radical adventures in the videogames they play - and they've always dreamed of taking those adventures to the real world. Well, that day has come! To help Ana, Bia's best friend - Baixamemoria's girlfriend -, the Craft Family needs to find a treasure lost for over 400 years on an expedition on the Royal Road. They will have to decrypt the legendary "Code of the 20" and find clues that may lead them to the place where the treasure is buried. Like in the games they play, they will need to make use of their ability, intelligence and creativity. And, best of all, they will be able to mine in the real world! But, beyond the perils they may find along the way, the kids will need to dodge sinister and mysterious Professor Wither and his sidekicks, Cree and Per, who are also after the missing gold and diamonds. The Professor and his two helpers won't hesitate to complicate the Craft Family's endeavor. It's a race against time, full of challenges, traps, mysteries and confusion. Only with the help of their friend AuthenticGames will the Craft Family be able to overcome the obstacles and eventually find the hidden treasure so they can help Ana and her father solve their problems and keep their family assets.

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