Anna and the King
Anna and the King
12Closed Captions
19992h 28m

An English governess arrives in Bangkok (Circa 1860's) to teach the King's children; Amidst political intrigue, she and the King develop a passionate (but chaste) relationship that changes Siam's history and rejuvenates her own life.

Anna and the King

Academy Award® winner Jodie Foster and international star Chow Yun-Fat bring to life the epic true story of a woman who challenged the heart of a king and inspired the destiny of a nation. English school teacher Anna Leonowens has traveled to Siam to educate the fifty-eight children of King Mongkut. If she has preconceived notions about the East, the King has similar notions about the West. Amid the danger of growing political unrest, their respect for each other slowly turns into something more.

Duration:2h 28m
Release date:1999
Director:Andy Tennant
Starring:Jodie FosterChow Yun-FatBai LingTom FeltonSyed AlwiRandall Duk Kim

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