Carmelo is madly in love with Verónica, a co-worker, but she is engaged to marry someone else. Because her situation and his extreme shyness, Carmelo loses all hope and decides to let it go. But a weird misunderstanding will have Verónica place all her trust on him.


Carmelo, a 30-year-old extremely shy guy, finds it difficult to reveal his most profound feelings to Verónica, his coworker. Carmelo's world collapses when he finds out that she is engaged to marry very soon. But one day, she spots him demonstrating in a gay rally where he - unwillingly - becomes the leader of the cause. Verónica then assumes that Carmelo is gay, and now he thinks he may take advantage of this misunderstanding to overcome his shyness, and that derives in a game of lies that will lead them to a most unpredictable ending.

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