“When a foreigner comes to the south he cries twice, when he arrives and when he leaves." The Bisio-Siani duo are in great shape in the remake of the 2008 French film “Welcome to the Sticks” by Dany Boon. A postmaster from Brianza is transferred to a small town near Naples. Frightened by the new environment and distrustful of his colleagues, he changes his mind in a series of gags and laughs.

Benvenuti al Sud

Luca Miniero directs a hilarious comedy highlighting the stereotypes and clichés that the North and South of Italy have of each other, starring Bisio, Siani, Finocchiaro and Lodovini. Awarded a David di Donatello and a Silver Ribbon. Alberto Colombo is a postmaster in a small town in Brianza married to Silvia and father of little Chicco. After trying to get a transfer to Milan by pretending to be disabled, Alberto is sent as a punishment to Castellabate, a small village near Naples. Worried and frightened, he leaves wearing a bulletproof vest, leaving his watch and wedding ring at home for fear of being robbed. When he arrives in Castellabate, he is greeted by the postman of the branch, Mattia Volpe, a 35 year old man who lives with his intrusive mother of whom he is a victim. Mattia is madly in love with his beautiful colleague Maria. The other two colleagues are both called Costabile. There’s “young” Costabile, a skinny man who always holds a toothpick in his mouth and wears a Napoli training T-shirt. “Old” Costabile is the oldest employee, now close to retirement. Alberto, with his rigidity and fussiness initially clashes with this group’s methods of managing working hours and relations with customers. But after a dinner in a restaurant, he begins to appreciate their hospitality. Time passes and the bond between the four of them grows closer. But Silvia ignores that Alberto is no longer sad and depressed and he never had the courage to reveal that he had found a totally different environment from what he expected. So, very worried for her husband, Silvia joins Alberto in Castellabate. How will she react when she discovers that he has been lying to her all along?

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