Set in the early 80s during Italian election day, Verdone directs a comedy in which he also stars as three characters travelling to Rome to vote. Pedantic and long-winded Furio tires his wife out with his obsession with precision. Clumsy and apprehensive Mimmo bickers throughout the trip with his grandmother. And finally Pasquale, a clumsy and easy-going emigrant to Germany.

Bianco rosso e Verdone

Second comedy film starring, written and directed by Carlo Verdone and produced by Sergio Leone. It portrays three unforgettable characters travelling to Rome in the early '80s to cast their vote. Furio, a long-winded and pedantic civil servant living in Turin married to Magda and father of two children, Anton Luca and Anton Giulio. He’s too busy organizing their whole life down to the last detail to notice that his wife, on the verge of a nervous breakdown, keeps repeating “I can’t take it anymore!” Mimmo, a clumsy young man who’s escorting his grandmother to Rome to cast her vote. He is overly apprehensive towards his grandmother who does not hesitate to take him back in front of everyone. During their journey, they have a small accident with a truck driven by “Er Principe," a gruff Roman who immediately arouses his grandmother’s sympathy and Mimmo’s suspicions. Pasquale, a clumsy emigrant to Germany, is a Juventus fan and married to a German woman. His overly trusting attitude and naivety make him vulnerable to being tricked. Nastro d’Argento to Elena Fabrizi, popularly known as “Sora Lella."

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