A cult comedy starring giant Bud Spencer, flanked by a funny Jerry Calà. When Jerry meets Bomber, he immediately recognizes the former champion boxer and convinces him to help him lift the fate of Jerry’s struggling gym. Together they find a young talent who is put up against some unsavory boxers led by their shady manager Rosco Dunn.


Michele Lupo’s last comedy. Bud Graziano, known as Bomber, is an old boxing champion who works as a sailor on an old boat. Jerry, the young owner of a struggling gym, tries to convince him to find a boxer to face the athletes of Rosco Dunn’s team, a shady and dishonest American trafficker. During a fight in a club, Bud notices Giorgione, a Neapolitan boy with a winning right hand and encourages him to train for a boxing match. Despite an atmosphere of corruption surrounding the fight, Giorgione wins. Rosco doesn’t accept the defeat very honorably and sets Jerry’s gym on fire. Bomber launches a new challenge: two teams participating in a clandestine tug-of-war competition. The Americans lose against the Italians who win the prize that will allow him to reopen the gym "Strong and Tenacious" but Rosco does not give up and try to bribe Giorgione. Bud manages to get the boy back on track and prepares him for a revenge fight. Once again, Rosco resorts to more improprieties when on the same night, his henchmen break Giorgione’s right hand. Despite his condition, the boy continues but only until the end of the first round: when Bomber takes off his glove and discovers the damage, he personally faces Rosco Dunn himself when a forceful right hand will be enough to get the deserved victory. Real champions are always ready to enter the ring, especially to restore justice. Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

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