Second blockbuster film directed by Gennaro Nunziante starring Checco Zalone, author also of the music. Checco, from Apulia, thanks to the recommendation of an uncle, becomes a security guard at the Milan Cathedral. He falls in love with Farah, a beautiful Arab girl who pretends to be an architecture student and uses him to detonate a bomb under the Madonnina. You will laugh your head off!

Che bella giornata

Checco has already failed his Carabiniere exam three times, but thanks to yet another recommendation from his uncle the bishop, he finds himself working as a security guard at the Milan Cathedral. Meanwhile, Farah and Sufien, two Arab brothers, are planning an attack and decide to carry it out with Checco's unwitting collaboration. Farah pretends to be an architecture student and seduces him with the aim of placing a briefcase full of explosives under the Madonnina in due time. Naturally, Checco falls into the trap and falls in love with the girl. He ends up dragging her into comical adventures within his very large Apulian family, in a whirlwind of recommendations, parties and great meals. Checco, willing to do anything to conquer the girl who begins to reciprocate the feeling, even goes so far as to steal the painting of the "Ecstasy of St. Theresa" from the Cathedral Museum to allow Farah to photograph it. Everything is ready for the attack and the girl hands a briefcase to Checco telling him that it is a gift that he will have to open at the top of the Duomo: what will happen in the shadow of the Madonnina? Of particular note is the cameo by singer-songwriter Caparezza, who during the christening party performs "Sarà perché ti amo" by Ricchi e Poveri and "Non amarmi" by the couple Aleandro Baldi-Francesca Alotta. Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

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