A chicken farm where the poor hens are kept locked up. Their job is to produce eggs every day. The dream of these chickens is to escape and win freedom. They are guided by the wise and enterprising Gaia, who every day devises a plan to escape, which is always destined to fail. Until one day Rocky falls from the sky, a charming and bold rooster.

Chicken Run

The chickens on a farm are forced to produce eggs from morning to evening and, when they cannot lay even one a week, they are killed by the Tweedys, the evil owners of the farm. The hens then try in every way to escape, but each time they are discovered and immediately brought back to the pen. Of all the hens in the henhouse, the main character is Gaia, who guides her companions in search of new ways to escape. One night, Rocky Bulboa arrives at the chicken coop, a handsome American rooster that Gaia falls in love with and the chickens think about escaping by learning to fly from him. Although he is hesitant and has dislocated his wing, the rooster agrees to help the hens learn to fly, but the attempts fail. Shortly after, Gaia is kidnapped by the Tweedys, but luckily Rocky arrives and manages to save her just in time but he must immediately find a way to escape. The next day, in secret, Rocky escapes leaving the other piece of the "Flying Rooster" poster, with which the chickens discover that Rocky cannot fly, but that he was "shot" by a circus cannon. Then Gaia, after an initial discomfort, asks Cedrone, the old rooster of the hen house, what is the "old cart" that he constantly mentions. After receiving the answer, which is that the cart is actually an airplane, Gaia decides with the other hens to escape with a flying machine, which they start building with commitment stealing tools from Mr. Tweedy. In a few days the flying machine is ready: as the hens prepare to take off, Mr. Tweedy lowers the take-off ramp, forcing the plane to turn the man is then knocked out by the tail of the plane and Gaia runs to the ramp to quickly raise it. Suddenly, Mrs. Tweedy appears and tries to kill Gaia with an ax, but soon after, Rocky returns, who manages to knock out the woman and help Gaia raise the ramp. The plane eventually takes off and Rocky and Gaia manage to board; once inside Rocky receives a slap from Gaia for running away and a kiss for coming back. Suddenly, however, Mrs. Tweedy clings to a string of lights that has remained tied to the plane where she tries to reach the chickens; Gaia then tries to cut the thread with Baba's scissors, but fails. Mrs. Tweedy then attempts to behead Gaia, but the hen quickly moves her head and the woman cuts the thread, falling down. Mr. Tweedy reminds her that he warned her that the chickens were organized, and before she can insult him, the barn door gives way and falls on her. Finally Rocky, Gaia and the other chickens run away from the farm with the flying car and reach a green refuge in the middle of a lake where they can finally live free and happy.

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