Narrated by the ladies who have embraced the Brazilian samba as a way of living, the documentary is a poetic journey through the stories of the women who helped create and sustain this Brazilian musical genre, and to promote the magic of Carnaval: Tia Ciata, Dona Zica and Dona Neuma. The film also pays homage to Clara Nunes, Alcione, Leci Brandão, Beth Carvalho and Clementina de Jesus.

The Samba Ladies

The documentary explores the presence of women in the Brazilian samba and their importance in the history of popular music in that country. The film features renown established lady veterans and new generation talents, narrating the stories of icons such as Tia Ciata - the lady from Bahia who helped spread the 'samba de roda' all over Rio de Janeiro -, Dona Zica and Dona Neuma. It also pays homage to muses like Clara Nunes, Alcione, Leci Brandão, Jovelina Pérola Negra, Beth Carvalho and Clementina de Jesus, departing from the years of slavery and up to 2013. The eternal Beth Carvalho offers an emotional tribute to Clementina de Jesus, trying to imitate her unique way of singing. Beth also analyzes the revolutionary aspects of the genre. A portrait of the feminine strength that keeps pushing the samba forward as the greatest and most representative popular rhythm of Brazil.

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