Director by Night
Director by Night
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"DIRECTOR BY NIGHT" tells the story of two Academy Award® Winning brothers and their different ways of telling stories. Michael Giacchino, renowned film composer, makes his directing debut with "Werewolf By Night". His brother, veteran documentary filmmaker Anthony Giacchino, chronicles the experience, and explores the duo’s filmmaking origins in the small New Jersey town where they grew up.

Director by Night

Michael and Anthony Giacchino grew up in the small town of Edgewater Park, New Jersey, dreaming of bigger things. As a teenager, Michael spent his days making Super 8 movies, while Anthony carried a tape recorder everywhere he went, documenting the present and preserving the past. Michael went on to become one of the most acclaimed film composers of the 21st century, and Anthony went into a successful career as a documentary filmmaker. Both have won Academy Awards® in their respective fields. Now, as Michael prepares to make his directing debut with Marvel Studios’ "Werewolf By Night", Anthony documents the experience. Anthony is brought into Michael’s world of the fantastical, but soon discovers that the heart of Michael’s story isn’t actually found on set, but back in the hometown where they grew up and the friends he made movies with as a kid.

Release date:2022
Director:Anthony Giacchino
Starring:Michael Giacchino

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