Dragonball: Evolution
Dragonball: Evolution
9Closed Captions
20091h 26m
Science FictionFantasyAction-Adventure

The young warrior Goku embarks on an incredible adventure to thwart evil forces and collect all seven of the world's Dragon Balls, mystical orbs that grant unimaginable powers.

Dragonball: Evolution

A naïve young martial artist, an elderly sensei, a female scientist with a bad attitude and a handsome thief search for the seven Dragon Balls that they've been told are earth's only hope against a group of aliens determined to destroy the planet.

Duration:1h 26m
Release date:2009
Genre:Science FictionFantasyAction-Adventure
Director:James Wong
Starring:Justin ChatwinYun-Fat ChowEmmy RossumJamie ChungJames MarstersJoon Park

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