Neri Parenti opens the eighth chapter of the Fantozzi saga with the funeral of a former colleague of Ugo. Fantozzi, due to a medical record mix-up, is convinced that his time has come and thinks he has one week to live. Among funny gags and a newfound complicity with his wife Pina, he tries to "enjoy" his last moments with the usual disastrous results. Silver Ribbon to Milena Vukotic.

Fantozzi in paradiso

Fantozzi is forced to come to terms with the idea of death during the funeral of a former colleague. An idea that becomes more and more real when, due to a clamorous medical record mix-up, he is diagnosed with a terminal illness that leaves him only seven days to live. Ugo decides not to tell his wife and reacts by trying to do everything he has forbidden himself over the years, such as greedily eating four kilos of mussels and defacing the walls of the city with obscene writings. Pina, who has discovered Ugo's illness by chance, decides to give her husband a happy ending. She contacts Miss Silvani and pays her to spend a night of love with Fantozzi during a weekend in Cortina d'Ampezzo. After the night of passion that he has been longing for so many years, Ugo discovers Pina's matchmaking scheme and regretting having thought that Silvani was the woman of his life, rushes home to his wife. But the surprises are not over! In a daring and amusing finale, Ugo discovers that he is not ill and is so happy at the news that he jumps into the street for joy and is run over by a truck. Now he is really dead but, in the afterlife, the final hoax takes place: the plane to Heaven is hijacked and Fantozzi finds himself in the presence of Buddha who condemns him to be reincarnated in himself again and to start all over again. Things can’t get any worse!

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