The character of the accountant Ugo Fantozzi was born from the pen of Villaggio himself, who plays the protagonist, and first appeared on the big screen in 1975, directed by Luciano Salce. Entered in the collective imagination, his tragicomic existence is perpetually haunted by bad luck, symbolized by a cloud of employees who follow him in the worst moments to remind him of his misfortune.


First chapter of the very successful saga of the accountant Ugo Fantozzi, a character taken from the two books, “Fantozzi” and “The second tragic book about Fantozzi”. But who is Fantozzi? He is the average Italian of the 70s with his miseries and small-mindedness. Employed in a “Mega-Company”, Fantozzi shows a pathological psychological subjection to power that leads him to undergo "monstrous" humiliations. He is married to Pina, a sloppy and insignificant woman played by Liù Bosisio, and has a daughter who looks like a monkey, which he sometimes mistakes for such. The accountant Filini, Gigi Reder, is a colleague of his famous for organizing trips and initiatives that always prove to be a total failure. Miss Silvani, Anna Mazzamauro, is a young colleague with whom Fantozzi is infatuated and he woos unsuccessfully. The film, with its episodic narration, is a succession of comic and paradoxical gags that in the end almost always leave a bad taste in the mouth: Fantozzi’s super hectic morning routine till the moment he clocks in, the unforgettable football match bachelors vs married men that ends with wounded and missing, Fantozzi and Miss Silvani dining at a Japanese restaurant, with the woman's dog mistakenly served as a main course, and the New Year's Eve earlier countdown by the orchestra conductor. At the end of the film, Fantozzi rebels against the injustices suffered by the workers by breaking a company’s window with a stone, only to find himself sadly swimming in the legendary “employee aquarium” of the company.

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