A young and mischievous witch named Foeksia befriends a human boy named Tommie. Together they must thwart his uncle's plans to destroy her witch school and his town.

Foeksia de Miniheks

Wizard Kwark finds an egg in the Witch Forest, from which a little girl hatches. It is a mini-witch, and he calls her Fuksia. Fuksia goes to the Witch School to learn magic. The school is run by Miss Minuul, who has a crush on Kwark. Foeksia gives father Kwark a lot of worry, because she is curious about the human world. When Foeksia sees a little boy called Tommie in the woods, she is so curious that she visits him in the human city. There she finds out that Tommie's Uncle Bob wants to destroy the Witch Forest to build a highway. Foeksia will have to save the Witch Forest together with Tommie. A film adaptation of the book of the same name by Paul van Loon.

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