Amadeo is a shy and virtuous boy who will face a skilled rival on the soccer field, known by the nickname "El Crack." To do this, he will have the invaluable help of some table football players led by Wing, a charismatic right winger. The adventures of Amadeo and the players will have as a backdrop not only football, but also love, friendship and passion.


The film begins with Amadeo telling his son Matías a story every night before going to sleep, in which he has to use his imagination (Matías spends all day playing on his tablet, so Amadeo worries that he is distancing himself from his son): many years ago, when they were children, Amadeo, a shy boy, worked in a bar where he met Laura, with whom he fell in love and showed him his foosball. Amadeo had modified the figures of the striped foosball team, giving each one a distinctive appearance, however, he left the smooth figures unchanged. At that moment, a boy who thought he was the best soccer player arrived and challenged Amadeo to a foosball match in front of Laura. Although he beats him at first, Amadeo is victorious, and all the people in the bar cheer him on. The boy is rejected by the bar and the bartender "Double axis" takes him out of the place, to which the boy yells for how much he hates the town and how much he always wants to win. Outside the bar, the boy meets the Manager, who offers to turn him into a crack. Years later, after Laura announces to Amadeo that she is going to Europe to study, the defeated boy returns as "Grosso," ready to take revenge. Now that he is a famous footballer, he announces that he has bought the entire city and is going to build a gigantic football stadium in it, although he is more interested in owning the foosball with which he was defeated and destroying the bar where he was defeated, as well as kidnapping to Laura to conquer her. From the demolished bar Amadeo only manages to rescue the captain of the striped foosball players, Capi, finishing the rest in the garbage dump. One of Amadeo's tears falls on Cap granting him life, who then convinces him to go rescue the rest of the players to save Laura.

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