Pino cannot leave his house due to health problems. He has become convinced that living life is risky and that it is preferable to stay locked away in his room. He decides, however, that the colourful funfair in his room is no longer enough and Pino challenges his fragility to save a group of extravagant kids that he has observed since childhood from a dangerous trap.

Glass Boy

Pino (Andrea Arru) is 11 years old and is a child like any other but unlike his peers, he has always lived isolated from everyone. Due to haemophilia, a hereditary disease that puts his life at risk, he is confined to his large villa, where he lives under a glass dome, away from the world that he can only observe through a window. Despite his imagination and the colourful funfair of his room, Pino dreams of living a life like other boys and of becoming part of the adventurous Snerd gang, a group of close friends who ride their fast bikes through the streets of the town. Everything changes after an unexpected encounter with Mavi, the fearless leader of the group, who puts him to the test by offering him the opportunity to join them and to help them compete with a rival gang. Animated by courage and an unbridled desire for adventure and freedom, Pino embarks on the road to emancipation, testing his frailties and the fears of his strict grandmother Helena (Loretta Goggi) and his overprotective parents (Giorgia Wurth and David Paryla) who keep him locked up for his own safety. Facing a world of trouble, Pino must call on the help of his new friends as he engages in a battle with his family to prove that deserves a life just like any other young boy.

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