When their coach retires, the girls of Marshall Middle School's dance team are crushed...they might not be able to participate in their favorite activity anymore. But when new biology teacher Ms. Bartlett agrees to be their coach, the dancing divas must give it their all in the latest competition---and see if they can sway, step and strut all the way to the championship.

Gotta Kick it Up

It's the beginning of a new school year at Marshall Middle School, but for one group of girls, it feels more like the end: the dance team coach has retired, with no replacement in sight. But Ms. Bartlett, the new biology teacher, has studied dance and accepts the role. After their first competition is a disaster, the team buckles down and greatly improves. But when the girls enter another competition—without school or parental permission—they risk losing their coach. The girls must cope with troubled relationships, failing grades, low self-esteem and a lack of funds but their new "Sí, se puede" attitude pulls them through to the finals.

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