Worn out by work and a tired marriage with Marta, Francesco, a Roman architect, goes to Istanbul where he inherits an old house from an eccentric maternal aunt. The stay changes his life, making him discover new values,​​including those of Eros- a concept in ancient Greek philosophy referring to passionate love.


Francesco is an architect who, on the death of his Aunt Anita- who he did not remember anything back- has inherited an old Turkish bath (hamam) in Istanbul in Turkey. He goes to Turkey with the intention of selling the property as soon as possible and returning immediately to his studio in Rome he shares with his friend Paulo and wife Marta, who his marriage to is in crisis. In Istanbul he is welcomed by Osman's family, who, together with his deceased aunt, managed the hamam, which has been closed for many years . All the family members were very fond of Anita and are very hospitable to Francesco, who is pleasantly surprised. Fascinated by Istanbul itself and falling in love with Osman's son, Mehmet, Francesco decides not to sell the property anymore, but to stay in Istanbul to renovate it. Marta eventually joins him there, determined to separate from him for good and confesses to having an extramarital relationship with Paolo for the past two years. This leads her to making the decision to leave for Italy, but the murder of her husband by some hitmen commanded by the interested buyer of the real estate area changes things and she decides to stay and continue Francesco's work.

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