Because of a trivial road accident, Ezio is thrown into a sort of microcosm where parents may be wise but nuttier than teens, mothers are neurotic but brave, grandmother are inevitably foolish, daughters are gorgeous and dogs are stubborn and in love. In short, two contemporary families which slip classifications and labels, and constantly evolve, in an unstable balance, alive, happy, bewildered.

Happy Family

The paths of two families cross when their fifteen-year-olds decide to marry. A trivial road accident catapults protagonist-narrator Ezio into the heart of this microcosm, in which parents are both wiser and crazier than their children; mothers neurotic and brave; grandmothers inevitably hare-brained; daughters beautiful; and dogs stubborn and in love. In other words, these are two contemporary families that defy all labels and are continuously evolving, in a precarious balance of liveliness, happiness and confusion.

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