Hitman: Agent 47
Hitman: Agent 47
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20151h 37m
Spy / EspionageThrillerAction-Adventure

HITMAN: AGENT 47, based on the popular video game, centers around the world’s deadliest assassin – a genetically enhanced clone with superior intelligence and superhuman abilities!

Hitman: Agent 47

Rupert Friend stars in HITMAN: AGENT 47, a thrilling action-packed film based on the popular video game series. The product of a genetic experiment that gave him superior intelligence and superhuman abilities, 47 has become the perfect killing machine. Teaming up with a mysterious young woman, he uncovers secrets about his own origins and faces an epic battle with his deadliest foe.

Duration:1h 37m
Release date:2015
Genre:Spy / EspionageThrillerAction-Adventure
Director:Aleksander Bach
Starring:Rupert FriendHannah WareZachary QuintoCiarán HindsThomas KretschmannAngelababy

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