Numa Tempesta is a businessman at the top of his game. Driven by a need to succeed, Numa will stop at nothing to close a deal even if it means bending the law. That’s until Numa is sentenced to a year of community service in a homeless shelter. While there, Numa must close the deal of the century or lose his fortune. It will take Numa every crafty bone in his body to find a solution.

I Am Tempesta

Numa Tempesta has money, charisma, a good nose for business, and very few scruples. One day, the law catches up with him: because of an old conviction for tax fraud he is sentenced to a year of community service. Thus, powerful Numa is forced to put himself at the disposal of the poor. This is how he meets Bruno, a young father who has become homeless and who frequents the community service center with his son. Their encounter seems to offer each of them an opportunity for redemption, but Numa will soon find that when money is involved, it is hard to tell good from bad and right from wrong.

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