Seventeen-year-old Stach is faced with five impossible assignments he has to complete in order to become king. Things do not go as easily as the boisterous Stach had expected, especially when he is confronted with matters of life and death.

Koning Van Katoren

Adaptation of Jan Terlouw's (writer of Winter War) classic youth novel in which the seventeen-year-old Stach has to carry out a series of assignments to become king of Katoren. The old king of Katoren is about to die and tells his friend and chamberlain Gervaas that the ministers will seize power when he is dead. In his last words, he begs Gervaas to find a new king. That same night Stach is born. Seventeen years later, Stach asks the question that no one dared to ask: what must someone do to become king of Katoren? The ministers are trapped because of the attention of the press and decide to give the young troublemaker five impossible assignments. On his way he meets the ambitious journalism student Kim.

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