Do we really know who we love? Do we know who we are? Antonia discovers after her husband's death that he had a lover, Michele. She manages to overcome the pain of loss and anger at betrayal when she meets Michele and the multi-colored gay and trans community he lives in. This alternative world and the unexpected affinity and attraction with her husband's lover change her. With Accorsi and Buy.

Le fate ignoranti

A film written and directed by Ferzan Ozpetek, starring Margherita Buy, Stefano Accorsi and Gabriel Garko. The perfect bourgeois life of wealthy doctor Antonia is shattered when her husband Massimo dies in a car accident. Antonia collapses under the weight of her grief. When she finds a painting with a dedication: "To Massimo, for our 7 years together", it is as if she had lost her husband for the second time: he had a lover who signed herself "your ignorant fairy" like the famous Magritte painting. Antonia wants to meet her and discovers that it is a man: Michele. In fact, Massimo lived a parallel existence with his gay and transgender friends. "He didn't have just one lover, but he had the whole world. His real family was another one". Antonia’s initial rejection and anger are replaced by curiosity and a desire to understand. Little by little, she is welcomed into that extended, multiracial and multi-sexual family and is transformed from an "arrogant and frigid little bourgeois" into a free woman. The miracle has taken place, the ignorant fairies have worked their unconscious and unexpected magic. Silver Ribbon to Stefano Accorsi and Margherita Buy.

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