Comedy with Bud Spencer, the gentle giant with heavy hand. The former American football champion Bulldozer, who retired to private life after realizing that corruption is the norm in sports, leaves for Versilia. In Livorno he meets a group of boys harassed by arrogant marines from the nearby NATO base and is persuaded to coach them so that they can challenge them. United and honest, they will win.

Lo chiamavano Bulldozer

Bulldozer is a former American football champion who retired from the world of sports to lead a life as a sailor in Versilia. During navigation, a damage to the engine of his boat forces him to dock in Livorno. Here, the local boys are organizing an american football team and lured by the former champion, ask him to train them for a game against Kempfer’s overbearing marines. Bulldozer is about to leave but is persuaded to stay and coach the team. On the day of the match in the locker room Bulldozer tries to reassure his young boys, who are visibly tense. When the Americans start fighting dirty, Bulldozer reacts by wearing the helmet and the uniform and getting into the football field. His boys regain strength and energy and the audience goes in a dazzle. Kempfer tries the same move but he loses once again. Michele Lupo’s comedy ensures action and fun with an ethical message: loyalty, honesty and team spirit always win, in sport and in life. Music by De Angelis brothers. Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

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