Bubbly weather girl Leah Waddell is getting weary of her bleak dating life and inability to be taken seriously as a meteorologist. At her wits end Leah makes the decision to stay single and focus on her career for a full year. As soon as she makes this commitment it literally starts pouring rain and men. Her new neighbor Mark, a hunky dairy farmer seems to be able to predict the weather and they grow close as he teaches her the science of nature. Will it make her waver from her decision?

Love in the Forecast

As an aspiring meteorologist, local weather girl Leah knows that too much rain isn’t a good thing, unless of course it’s raining men. Which is exactly what happens after Leah decides to swear off dating for a full year to focus on her career. But as soon as she settles into her bachelor apartment she meets her new hunky neighbor Mark, a dairy farmer also testing out new waters for a year. Determined to stay focused, Leah strikes up a friendship with Mark who teaches her the ways nature can forecast the weather, helping her to attain her goal of becoming more than just a weather girl. But despite her resolution, the chemistry between Leah and Mark is undeniable and Leah must now choose to stay the course or allow the clouds to part and let love in.

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