Mafia Confidential
Mafia Confidential
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The Mafia "Capo dei Capi" that finally got his comeuppance.

Mafia Confidential

Totó Riina was, without a doubt, one of the most ferocious and ruthless Mafia bosses of all time – more than living up to his nicknames, “The Beast” and “The Boss of The Bosses.” This fascinating new biography charts his story from poverty-stricken beginnings to head of the Cosa Nostra - via a route littered with crime and indiscriminate murder – to his capture in 1993 and his death behind bars last year.Key episodes and events in his life are revisited through the people who have known, feared or fought him. These include a senior prosecutor in charge of the State-Mafia Pact, his one-time closest aide and trusted driver, a female photographer who became a target, a detective and the wife of one of his victims.

Release date:2018
Director:Jole Nonkovic

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