Let’s laugh and joke about neurosis and hypochondria in this comedy directed and performed by Verdone and Buy to the tune of Jimi Hendrix. Bernardo and Camilla meet at the psychoanalyst’s office. He was left by his fiancée, she is anxious and has panic attacks. Both heavy users of antidepressants, they will help each other in an on-off relationship leading to a happy ending. 5 David di Donatello.

Maledetto il giorno che t'ho incontrato

Bernardo and Camilla meet in the office of Dr Altieri, a psychoanalyst who is treating them both. Bernardo is a music critic who has been dumped by his girlfriend for a fellow French journalist and is working on a biography of Jimi Hendrix. Bernardo hopes to give an unprecedented scoop on the cause of the death of the African American singer. Camilla is an aspiring actress who has been in treatment for five years and has fallen in love with Dr Altieri, to whom she confesses her love. When she is rejected, she asks Bernardo to secretly give him a love letter. Bernardo and Camilla start seeing each other and become friends. Soon the two discover they have a mutual interest in tranquilizers and antidepressants and start sharing love experiences and seduction strategies. But the more time passes, the more morbid Camilla’s obsession with Dr Altieri becomes. One evening she has a big fight with Bernardo, who throws her out of the house shouting “Curse the day I met you." After three months they meet again by chance in London, where Bernardo is recording interviews for his book and Camilla is acting in a theatre tour. They finally reconnect but perhaps something is about to change between them. The soundtrack features 6 Jimi Hendrix songs.

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