“Italians and Greeks, one face, one race." Salvatores directs Bisio and Abatantuono in his third film centered on escape. In 1941, 8 Italian soldiers land on a small Greek island to guard it. Far from the real world and unfit for military activity, they integrate with the local community and spend time playing memorable football games on the beach. But when the war is over, they must return home.


In 1941, during the Second World War, an Italian military garrison landed on a small Greek island. Evidently inexperienced and cut off from the world because their radio breaks down as soon as they arrive, they devote themselves to activities completely unrelated to the war, led by Lieutenant Montini, a teacher at the Gymnasium, passionate about painting and the only one who speaks Greek. Among them is Sergeant Lorusso, who fought in the African campaign, flanked by the faithful Colasanti, the two Munaron brothers from the Veneto Alps and Strozzabosco, a former ski instructor who is fond of a mule. Farina, on the other hand, falls in love with a prostitute while Noventa has only one thought in mind: to return to his family. The soldiers integrate with the island’s population of old men, women and children as the young men have been deported by the Nazis. They spend their time on leisure activities, playing memorable football games and getting into trouble. But when an Italian reconnaissance plane lands on the island and warns them that the armistice has been signed, the soldiers realize that three years have passed since they landed. So, they have to prepare for their return home, but not all of them are ready for it. Third Salvatore’s film centered on escape and starring Diego Abatantuono and Claudio Bisio, it was awarded with an Oscar® for Best Foreign Film, three David di Donatello awards and one Nastro D’Argento. Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

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