Mère et fille: California Dream
Mère et fille: California Dream
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20161h 27m

Isa and Barbara go on a road trip to Los Angeles to enter a fashion design contest. But nothing will go as planned!

Mère et fille: California Dream

Barbara’s dream of becoming a great fashion designer is coming true: she has been selected for the WORLD FASHION SUMMER DRESS contest finals that will take place in two weeks!! It’s amazing! She has to present the original dress that she created. But her very proud mother is not so happy when she learns that the contest is in Los Angeles. She will have the opportunity to travel across the United States! Then something even crazier happens : in the airport, she helps a young girl to get rid of a bunch of paparazzi. This young girl turns out to be an American teen star . She thanks Barbara profusely and invites her to come to see her. This is awesome! Except that…. Barbara’s mom, Isabelle, does everything she can to get herself invited, too. The breeze of Californian freedom that Barbara was hoping for, rapidly becomes a storm of disaster with clumsy Isabelle.

Duration:1h 27m
Release date:2016
Director:Stéphane Marelli
Starring:Lubna GourionIsabelle DesplantesGregory LemoigneRomain Arnolin

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