Humans and goblins used to live together in harmony, until the humans declared war! A pregnant goblin queen escapes to a village, where they meet Tianyin and Xiaolan. Strangely, Tianyin becomes pregnant and gave birth to a wee goblin. Xiaolan and Tianyin embark on a fantastic journey with the wee goblin, as her birth changes their relationship and uncovers a huge secret.

Monster Hunt

Long ago, humans coexisted with all creatures, including goblins. Because humans wanted to dominate the world, they declared war on goblins, and drove them into the mountains and valleys. From then on, humans and goblins lived separately. One day, a pregnant goblin queen escapes to a village and meets a kind-hearted man, Tianyin, and a goblin-fighting teenager Xiaolan. For some strange reason, Tianyin becomes pregnant and gives birth to a wee goblin. Qianhu offers a large reward to capture the wee goblin. Xiaolan, who has her eye on the reward, leaves with Tianyin to start a fantastic journey together. A huge secret is uncovered. Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

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