Marriage has always been described as the happy ending of a love story. Getting married and having children seems to be the only happiness for a woman. Cheung Lei-fong is in her 30s, and she does not want to marry her long-term boyfriend, Edward Yan Chun-wing. For her, it is not evasion but making a choice.

My Prince Edward

Cheung Lei-fong has been working at a bridal gown shop where she met her boyfriend, Edward Yan Chun-wing, a wedding photographer. She’s in her 30s and they’ve been dating for seven years. All her friends believe him to be her Prince Edward, but his childishness and clinginess makes her hesitate. It is not until her boyfriend has proposed to her that she suddenly remembers that she needed to make some quick money ten years ago, so she entered a sham marriage with a Chinese so that he could stay in Hong Kong. Over the past ten years, they have never got a divorce. All the fuss about the wedding is driving Fong crazy, yet she has to look for her fake husband to get divorced, while keeping her future husband unaware of her past marriage. Eventually, she can no longer hide it, and has to face her own future in all honesty.

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