Tati writes all about her personal dramas on her diary, where she narrates the details about the summer she failed a math class and about having to hide her report card from her mom. Away from her bff's and having a full load of study, she also has to deal with her father's new girlfriend, while she has set her heart on a boy, who may not really be "the one".

O Diário de Tati

Tati is a typical 16-year-old teenager who writes all about her personal dramas on her diary. Like any girl her age, she's always fighting against her brothers, Tom and Bruno, each one born into one of their mother's three marriages, who in turn can't quite understand Tati's personal universe. Tati has two bff's, Rô and Titi, who really support her when she has to face her childhood nemesis, Camila, the school's most popular girl. Although Tati tries to hide from her mother the fact that she's failed her math class, the truth comes to light and she is grounded for the summer, away from her girlfriends and with a full load of things to study, and furthermore, she has to deal with her father's new girlfriend. Tati has her heart set on Zeca, but she may end up realizing that her brother's best friend, Maurinho, who is tutoring her, may have more in common with her world than she had expected.

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