One Hour Photo
One Hour Photo
16Closed Captions
20011h 36m

An alienated photo-finisher's obsession with a seemingly ordinary family culminates in his bizarre confrontation with an unfaithful father.

One Hour Photo

Robin Williams is mesmerizing in this absorbing thriller as Sy, “the photo guy,” who has painstakingly developed photographs for the Yorkin family since their son was a baby. Eventually, the lonely, somewhat obsessive Sy convinces himself he's part of the Yorkin family. But when it turns out that the picture-perfect family is not what they seem, Sy’s focus goes from obsession to terror.

Duration:1h 36m
Release date:2001
Director:Mark Romanek
Starring:Robin WilliamsConnie NielsenMichael VartanGary ColeErin DanielsClark Gregg

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