Corn Chips
Corn Chips
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Donald tricks Chip 'n Dale into shoveling snow for him while he goes into his house to make popcorn. The chipmunks outsmart him in the end, leaving Donald to shovel an entire box of popped popcorn out of his place!

Corn Chips

Donald Duck is shoveling snow from his sidewalk when he spots Chip 'n Dale. Unbeknownst to them, he tricks them into shoveling the snow for him while he goes in the house to make popcorn. The chipmunks become aware of Donald's trickery, enter Donald's house, discover the popcorn, and steal it. There is a fight over the popcorn, but when Donald tries to smoke them out, chip 'n dale "pop" the whole box, leaving Donald to shovel once again -- this time popcorn!

Release date:1951
Director:Jack Hannah

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