Written, directed and starred by Verdone, this comedy blends romance and drama in exploring disability. The story follows Gepy Fuxas, a cynical TV host who sells off people’s pain like it was in a supermarket, whose life is changed when he falls in love with an argumentative paraplegic girl. For this delicate film Verdone was awarded with a David di Donatello for Best Director, and Asia Argento for Best Actress.

Perdiamoci di vista

The cynical and superficial Gepy Fuxas hosts the television programme “Terrazza Italiana”, in which he introduces a series of charity cases to gain ratings. During an in-studio interview, he pretends to be interested in the problems of the handicapped, but soon he starts asking his host some private and painful questions. Arianna, a young woman sitting in a wheelchair in the audience, exposes him. The situation worsens, and after a series of embarrassing gaffes, the famous Fuxas is fired. Abandoned to his fate, Gepy meets Arianna by chance and once again clashes with her but, despite the controversy, Arianna invites him to dinner to apologize for all the troubles she has caused him. Through ups and downs, they start dating, even if misunderstandings and quarrels are not lacking. In the meantime, Fuxas, in search of work, has to decide whether to accept the offer of former TV star Antonazzi, who’s now working at the local TV station Televerità. Antonazzi offers him to host the programme “Fighting Hens”, a sleazy and vulgar talk show in which three actors fight while pretending to be real people. Although the proposal is financially very attractive, Gepy finds himself changed and is no longer interested in making trashy reality shows. He just wants to date Arianna and become a part of her life. Verdone’s thirteenth film as director is an unusual comedy that deals with a delicate subject in a pleasant way. The young Asia Argento’s performance as Arianna was brilliant, and Aldo Maccione is outstanding in the role of the vulgar television impresario.

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