On a quest to find a new home, young Pluk in his little red crane wagon end up in the Petteflet. He moves into a little deserted tower room and quickly befriends some of the inhabitants and animals from the Torteltuin, the beautiful garden. When he finds out the Torteltuin is about to be destroyed, Pluk and his friends are willing to try everything to stop it.

Pluk van de Petteflet

During his search for a new place to live, eight-year-old Pluk ends up at the Petteflet with his little red crane truck. He takes up residence in the tower room and quickly makes friends with the residents of the Petteflet and the animals from the Torteltuin, such as Aagje, the Stampertjes and Mr. Pen, but also the animals Zaza, squirrel Duizeltje, Dollie Pigeon and Shy Rabbit. When one day he discovers that the Torteltuin is in danger of being destroyed, Pluk does everything he can to save his friends and the Torteltuin. But will he succeed?

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