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19951h 28m

Inspired by a real-life Native American legend, free-spirited Pocahontas must “listen with her heart” to help her choose which path to follow.


The extraordinary life and indomitable spirit of a truly remarkable Native American heroine inspired the artistry and storytelling magic of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Pocahontas. This musical adventure combines historical fact with popular folklore and legend to present the compelling tale of a brave, compassionate and dynamic young woman who “listens with her heart” to help her choose which path to follow. With the guidance and wisdom of her beloved Grandmother Willow and the friendship of Captain John Smith, Pocahontas is inspired by a real-life American legend.

Duration:1h 28m
Release date:1995
Director:Mike GabrielEric Goldberg
Starring:Irene BedardJudy KuhnMel GibsonDavid Ogden StiersJohn KassirRussell Means

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