Andrea, Bebo, and Cristian are men dissatisfied with their lives, for very different reasons. One magical evening, after having shared their ambitions, the three find themselves living each other’s lives, transformed into the men they aspire to the most to be.

Se fossi in te

Andrea has a job, a wife, two kids, and a mother-in-law. Family life suffocates him, he hates his monotonous job, and he dreams only of being single and having some fun. Bebo is a successful entrepreneur, with a personality that keeps everyone at a distance, except for his faithful and self-effacing secretary Veronica, who, despite his attitude, adores him. Unfortunately, her love is unrequited; he simply ignores her. Cristian is a DJ in crummy clubs, frustrated because he dreams of playing major venues, but he’s an unknown. He’s in love with the beautiful pharmacist Caterina, but doesn’t dare telling her. Then one day, Andrea, Bebo, and Cristian meet by chance. In confessing their ambitions, the atmosphere becomes charged with magic, and the three men find themselves transformed into the one they envy most. Andrea becomes Cristian, gaining his freedom; Cristian becomes Bebo for his wealth; and Bebo becomes Andrea, admiring his loving family. After a brief period of joy, however, their lives take an unexpected, though very familiar, turn.

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