A musical comedy with nordic atmospheres, which tells the sentimental and professional events of Romeo, a pianist in crisis. In search of a woman who has the name of a flower and who according to a holy woman will be his destiny, he meets the waitress Iris, with a beautiful voice and thirsty for success. Together they form the duo Iris Blonde and the Freezer but their expectations do not coincide.

Sono pazzo di Iris Blond

A comedy with Carlo Verdone and Claudia Gerini, who after the successful role of the coarse Jessica in “Honeymoons”, is even greater as Iris, a free and emancipated waitress. Romeo is a pop pianist in full crisis, betrayed by his wife and by his friend guitarist and his career is not at all rewarding. A holy woman foretells him that the future holds for him a woman with the name of a flower as his true great love. When he starts playing piano on cruise ships, he meets the Belgian Marguerite and believing she is the predestined one follows her by moving to Brussels. Here in a fast food he meets Iris, an exuberant waitress of Italian origin, with a beautiful voice and a lot of ambition. Together they form the duo "Iris Blond and The Freezer" enjoying success until the record companies decide to invest only in Iris, the freshest and most interesting element. The girl spreads her wings by sacrificing the couple and Romeo is disappointed again and betrayed by his own expectations and his “old” age. When aims and sensibilities are different separation is inevitable: she will leave for France, he will try to redeem himself as a soloist, performing as The Freezer.

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