Starship Troopers
Starship Troopers
16Closed Captions
19972h 10m
Science FictionAction-Adventure

Upon graduating school, Johnny Rico volunteers for the mobile infantry to do his federal service. Far from having patriotic motives, Johnny has joined the infantry to win the heart of his girlfriend, Carmen, who has signed up for the fleet academy to become a starship pilot. When a tragic training accident occurs while on his watch, Johnny realizes that he joined up for the wrong reasons. He is about to resign when the earth is attacked by the bugs.

Starship Troopers

The Federation needs you for an urgent do-or-die mission in STARSHIP TROOPERS, the ultimate sci-fi action thriller from the director of Total Recall…hailed for its mind-blowing special effects and amazing futuristic settings! The new millennium brings man face to face with the deadliest enemy of all…an intelligent race of alien bugs, some thirty-feet tall, some that fly and all capable of destroying every living thing on Earth! That’s where brave young freedom fighter Johnny Rico comes in. While Johnny trains in an elite infantry unit, his stunning girlfriend Carmen becomes a top fighter pilot – but is seduced by a suave flight instructor! Join their mission to the aliens’ home planet where an all-out intergalactic war is about to begin…with mankind on the line.

Duration:2h 10m
Release date:1997
Genre:Science FictionAction-Adventure
Director:Paul Verhoeven
Starring:Casper Van DienDina MeyerDenise RichardsJake BuseyNeil Patrick HarrisClancy Brown

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