In this second installment of the adventures of the bricklayer turned archaeologist we will travel to Las Vegas. There the intrepid protagonist has decided to formalize his vocation and begin his studies at the university, for the presentation of the latest discovery by archaeologist Sara Lavroff: one of the three gold discs on the necklace of King Midas, confirming that he truly exists.

Tadeo Jones 2: El Secreto Del Rey Midas

After the discovery by Sara Lavroff of one of the three gold discs of the King Midas necklace, confirming with it the existence of this monarch who turned everything he played into gold, Tadeo Jones travels to Las Vegas to accompany his friend in the great exhibition where she will show for the first time this important discovery in the world of archeology. The happy meeting between Thaddeus and Sara is muddied when the evil Jack Rackham and his henchmen steal the piece and kidnap the young archaeologist, connoisseurs of that whoever manages to reunite the three discs of the necklace will acquire the power of Midas and, therefore, infinite wealth. Tadeo, along with his friends the Mummy, the parrot Belzoni, his dog Jeff and the new characters who join this adventure, will have to use all his ingenuity and travel around the world, touring Spain, Greece and Turkey, with the order to rescue Sara and thwart the evil Rackham's plans. Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

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