The Client
The Client
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A boy witnesses the murder of a mob lawyer, and learns a secret the crooks will kill to protect. Help comes in the form of a courageous attorney whose love of kids and knowledge of the law allows her young client to serve justice and his family.

The Client

11-year-old Mark Sway is torn between what he knows and what he can never tell. A hitman will kill Mark if the boy reveals what he knows about a Mob murder. Am ambitious federal prosecutor will keep the pressure on until Mark tells all. Mark is now a pawn in a deadly game, and his only ally is a courageous attorney who risks her career - and unexpectedly, her life - for him.

Release date:1994
Director:Joel Schumacher
Starring:Susan SarandonTommy Lee JonesMary-Louise ParkerAnthony LaPagliaJ.T. WalshAnthony Edwards

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