The Final Conflict
The Final Conflict
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19811h 48m

In the third part of "The Omen" trilogy, young Damien, the embodiment of the anti-Christ, is now an adult and a trusted advisor to the President of the United States.

The Final Conflict

The anti-Christ is back, but this time, the power of evil is no longer in the hands of a child. Damien Thorn is now 32 years-old and soon to become the American ambassador to England. At the same time, a new star of Bethlehem appears, indicating that the new Christ has been born somewhere in Britain. Seeking world domination, Damien charges his disciples to destroy every baby born on the night of the star’s appearance. Meanwhile a band of priests set out to destroy Damien, unleashing a series of demonic forces and spectacular accidents in the process. Will good overcome evil before it’s too late?

Duration:1h 48m
Release date:1981
Director:Graham Baker
Starring:Sam NeillRossano BrazziDon GordonLisa HarrowBarnaby HolmMason Adams

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