The Rescuers
The Rescuers
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19771h 19m

Bernard and Bianca, two mice from the Rescue Aid Society, help a young orphan girl escape the clutches of an evil woman, who plans to use the girl to retrieve a fabulous diamond.

The Rescuers

Join the shy but brave mouse Bernard and his glamorous partner Miss Bianca — two tiny heroes on a great big mission to save a young girl named Penny, who has sent an urgent call for help. Taking off on the wings of their trusted albatross friend Orville, Bernard and Bianca soar to the marshy swamp of Devil's Bayou. There, they find themselves on the riverboat hideout of the hilariously evil Madame Medusa, who needs Penny to retrieve the world's largest diamond. Contains tobacco depictions.

Duration:1h 19m
Release date:1977
Director:Wolfgang ReithermanJohn LounsberyArt Stevens
Starring:Bob NewhartEva GaborGeraldine PageJoe FlynnJeanette NolanPat Buttram

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