The Tigger Movie
The Tigger Movie
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20001h 24m

When all their winter preparations get undone by Tigger's exuberant bouncing, Rabbit suggests Tigger go outside and find other tiggers to bounce with---a notion Tigger finds ridiculous because after all, he's "the onliest one!" Or is he?

The Tigger Movie

Share the excitement with all your friends from the Hundred Acre Wood as Tigger sets off on an amazing adventure. He's hoping to find fellow tiggers to play with, and along the way he'll discover something even more remarkable: the true meaning of family. Featuring original songs by the award-winning Sherman Brothers, this timeless Pooh classic will bounce its way straight into your heart.

Duration:1h 24m
Release date:2000
Director:Jun Falkenstein
Starring:Jim CummingsNikita HopkinsKen SansomJohn FiedlerPeter CullenAndre Stojka

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