The second chapter of Salvatores’ “escape trilogy” is a road-trip comedy where the friendship between two men is tested by their love for the same woman. Dario and Federico are two theatre actors and friends, but Federico doesn’t know that his ex-girlfriend Vittoria has got together with Dario. He finds out during a tour around Italy. With Diego Abatantuono, Fabrizio Bentivoglio and Laura Morante.


Dario and Federico are two theatre actors and lifelong friends. Dario is loud and extroverted, while Federico is quiet and tormented by the end of his love affair with Vittoria, a young radio announcer who has left him for another man. What he doesn’t know is that the other man is Dario himself. The two friends are leaving for a theatre tour that starts in Puglia to stage Chekhov’s “The Cherry Orchard." Dario, against his will, promises Vittoria that during the trip he will inform Federico of their relationship, but due to a series of circumstances he doesn’t reveal the secret to his friend. Federico discovers the truth by chance one evening after secretly listening to a phone call from Dario to Vittoria. The three of them confront each other and during a heated argument Vittoria confides that she loves them both. Will Dario and Federico’s friendship survive? And will Vittoria be able to choose between the two men?

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