Weekend Family Christmas Special
Weekend Family Christmas Special
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For Fred, Christmas is about enjoying good food, presents and family. But for Emma, Christmas is about taking care of people in need. She misses her parents and their traditions, so Fred suggests she goes to Canada. Emma asks Fred to join her, but the mothers of his daughters refuse to let them go at short notice. Fred says he will go with Emma no matter what, so Vic, Romy and Clara plot to stop them leaving! And it's a good thing they do, as surprise guests will be arriving.

Weekend Family Christmas Special

It’s the first time Emma, Fred and the girls are celebrating Christmas together and Fred is cooking up a feast! But in Emma’s family, they don’t celebrate the same way: every year, she and her parents put on a show to raise money for charity. Fred is moved, even though he has no intention of celebrating Christmas any other way. Seeing that Emma is homesick, he gets her a ticket to Canada. Emma has a better idea: he and the girls could join her! But the exes wholeheartedly disagree, and so just Fred and Emma decide to go. Clara, Vic and Romy refuse to give up spending Christmas together and fool Fred into thinking he’s lost his passport. Suddenly some surprise visitors arrive on the doorstep!

Release date:2022
Starring:Eric JudorDaphnée Côté-HalléLiona BordonaroMidie DreyfusRoxane Barazzuol

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