A documentary film about Wolfgang Puck. Wolfgang persevered after a troubled childhood in Austria to pursue his dreams and become the world’s most famous chef, along the way inventing a radically new American cuisine and creating the very concept of the "celebrity chef.” This is the inspiring and emotional true story of the man behind the legend.


Wolfgang Puck is one of the most celebrated chefs in history. But before he became a household name, he was cooking as a child, at his mother’s side in Austria. Wolfgang overcame a difficult childhood, and soon envisioned a life for himself beyond the Austrian countryside. At the age of 14, Wolfgang started his formal culinary training in Paris, and made his mark in the kitchens of some of France’s most famous restaurants. In 1975, Wolfgang came to Los Angeles - at the time a culinary desert, known for hamburgers and old fashioned, stogy dining. His French training and adventurous spirit combined to create a new style of food and dining in LA. Wolfgang’s restaurant, the world-famous Spago, became a destination for the rich and famous, with Wolfgang as the star attraction. Under his inventive-style and new recipes, California cuisine rose to national attention. Wolfgang Puck is now credited as the first “celebrity chef,” and has opened dozens of restaurants throughout the United States. He’s expanded our understanding of fine dining, and brought California cuisine to the world. This is his story. Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

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