The Interpreter of Silence
The Interpreter of Silence
20231 season

Eva Bruhns is about to get engaged when she is asked to interpret at a trial of SS officers. Her parents and fiancé-to-be try to dissuade her, but she follows her instincts and accepts the job. She soon realizes that she has a more personal connection to the trial than she could have ever imagined.

The Interpreter of Silence

In 1963, Eva Bruhns is a young woman who works as a Polish-to-German interpreter in Frankfurt. She lives with her parents, who run the restaurant Deutsches Haus. Eva is about to get engaged to a wealthy mail-order company heir when she receives a last-minute request to interpret in court: the city is preparing its first Auschwitz trial of former SS officers. Eva’s parents and her fiancé-to-be strongly disapprove. Eva has never heard of Auschwitz before, but something drives her to ignore their misgivings and accept the job. It is only when Eva starts interpreting that she grasps the extent of the National Socialist killing machine and gradually realizes that she has a personal connection to this place. Directed by Isa Pahl & Randa Chahoud and Produced by Sabine de Mardt.

This story is inspired by actual events. Certain incidents, locations, and characters have been created or altered for dramatic purposes.

Release date:2023
Series Rating:16
Season 1 Rating:Season 1 Rating
Creator: Annette Hess
Starring:Katharina StarkAaron AltarasMax von der GroebenAnke EngelkeHeiner LauterbachIris Berben

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