Han Se-gye, a woman who’s afraid that no one will recognize her, meets Seo Do-jae, who believes he will never be able to recognize and love people. With him, she becomes a woman who’s recognized no matter her appearance, and with her, he becomes a man who recognizes her no matter her appearance. These two embark on a path towards finding true meaning to beauty.

Beauty Inside

Once in a month, a top actress Han Se-gye suffers from a unique type of “magic” that makes her become a different person. At a certain point every month, she has to live one week with a different appearance before coming back to herself. She is known as a troublemaker and has many rumors surrounding her as she occasionally disappears for a week during shooting. However, she is also a star nicknamed “a hundred faces beauty"" because she plays a hundred roles with a hundred faces. Natually this comes with its own set of troubles and issues. It happened suddenly, but one day, SEO Do-jae could not recognize the faces of anyone in the world. He is otherwise a perfect person in appearance, wealth and ability, but when he meets people, he cannot recognize people without a full memo of their habits, voices, and accessories because of his condition, prosopagnosia. Seo Do-jae is the only man who can recognize Han Se-gye, who constantly lives in fear of not being remembered. And even with his condition, she is the only woman he can consistently recognize. The only two who can recognize each other. Healing romance between a woman whose appearance changes to a different person and a man who suffers from an in ability to recognize faces.

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